Easy Fix

Putting a sawn Christmas tree straight into a standard is a difficult job each year. This Christmas this will be a lot easier with the Easy Fix. The Easy Fix is a machine that ensures your Christmas tree will always stand straight in its base. The machine drills a conical hole in the stem of the sawn tree. The pin of the base can be placed into the hole which assures that your tree will stand up straight.

With the Easy Fix comes a base that has been specially designed for trees with a conical hole in its kerf. Besides making sure the tree stands up straight, the base also ensures the tree will retain its needles longer. The hole is drilled into the wound of the tree, as a result the wound will reopen and the tree can take in water again. This results in a tree that holds its beauty much longer. One can fill the Christmas tree base with 2.5 litres of water, after which it needs no looking after for a few days. The base is available in the colours green, red, hammered gold and charcoal.