Christmas Treepack Box

The Christmas Treepack Box is a pallet box which has been designed by Brinkman Nordmann. The Christmas Treepack Box has a functional design which enables the Christmas trees to be packed onto a pallet in the most efficient way. The Treepack Box is easy in use, both on the land and the place of loading.

The Christmas Treepack Box is made of galvanized steel. Concrete plex slabs with grooves are assembled onto the construction. These slabs enables the Treepack Box to be moved easily by making use of a fork-lift truck.

The size of the Treepack Box can be adjusted easily, to make it the perfect fit for your trailer. The size can be adjusted to a width of 200 cm, 240 cm or 260 cm. The depth and height of the box are respectively 120 cm and 240 cm.