Large sized Christmas trees

Trees that are taller than 3 metres belong to the large sized Christmas trees. Brinkman Nordmann can deliver trees with a maximum length of 25 metres.

The large trees are personally selected on quality by Brinkman Nordmann, to ensure these large trees fully satisfy your wishes. The large sized Christmas trees can be delivered in the varieties of Flora Danica Nordmann and Picea Veluwe. Within these two varieties there is a choice between different qualities. For the Flora Danica Nordmann one can choose between Flora Danica Nordmann Prime and Flora Danica Nordmann Standard. Within the Picea Veluwe there is the choice of Picea Abies, Picea Omorica and Picea Pungens Glauca. The specifications of these varieties can be read on the pages Flora Danica Nordmann and Picea Veluwe.