Christmas Tree Plantation

Brinkman Nordmann owns a Christmas tree plantation in the Netherlands and one in Denmark. The Dutch plantation exclusively cultivates the concept Picea Abies. The concept Flora Danica Nordmann is grown at our Danish plantation.

New trees are planted yearly at both our Dutch and Danish plantations. The trees are maintained by yearly pruning, fertilising and inhibiting of the growth. When the trees have reached the desired height, they will be inspected and selected on quality. There is a distinction made between an A quality and B quality tree. Trees that meet the A quality requirements will receive a Picea Veluwe or Flora Danica Nordmann label. The trees with a B quality will receive the regular label. The consumer can judge the quality of the purchased tree by its label.

The Picea Veluwe and Flora Danica Nordmann are supplied to wholesalers, garden centres and retailers. When you are interested in one or both tree concepts, you can contact us. It is also possible to visit one of our plantations by appointment.