Loading and packing

Most trees are packed onto pallets, which limits the loading time to a minimum. We can deliver your order quickly to the desired address, so you will always have enough trees in stock. Your order can be delivered for an attractive price, by us or by our transporters van Zeist WenumBeekman Apeldoorn and Algera transport. Of course it is also possible to pick up the trees yourself.

Flora Danica Nordmann

The Christmas trees are packed into nets by use of machine or by hand, to ensure the tree will keep its shape and no branches will break. Subsequently the Nordmann trees are packed onto pallets with a specially designed machine. It is also possible to pack a mix of different kinds of trees on a pallet, as is specified on our lists.

Picea Veluwe

The Picea Abies, Picea Omorica and Picea Pungens Glauca are packed in the Treepack Box, which has been developed by us. An easy and convenient way of packing and transporting trees on a pallet. The Treepack Box can be adjusted in size, to a width of 200 cm, 240 cm or 260 cm. The depth and height of the box are respectively 120 cm and 240 cm.

In addition to this we have also developed a pallet box for smaller amounts or sizes of trees. A convenient quality is the easy opening of the front, through which the trees can be sold straight out of the box. This makes it a very suitable product for retail companies and wholesalers.