Christmas trees

Brinkman Nordmann delivers Dutch and Danish trees. De Dutch tree is grown and maintained at the Veluwe, under the concept name Picea Veluwe. The Picea Veluwe contains three different trees: the Picea Abies, Picea Pungens Glauca and Picea Omorica. The trees can be delivered with root ball, pressed in containers or container grown.

The Danish Christmas tree is grown and maintained in Serup, under the concept name Flora Danica Nordmann. The tree can be delivered in the varieties Flora Danica Nordmann Prime and Flora Danica Nordmann Standard. The trees are cut or container grown on delivery.

For both concepts there is one guarantee: the Brinkman Nordmann quality. We can guarantee the Brinkman Nordmann quality by the perfect maintenance of our Christmas trees. Each year the trees will be pruned, fertilised and inhibited in the growth. To ensure the perfect shape and quality of our trees.

Are you interested in the Christmas trees of Brinkman Nordmann? Please feel free to contact us. You can also contact us with your questions or to make an appointment to visit our plantations.