Container Grown Trees

The container grown Christmas tree is a relatively new product with a growing popularity. Compared to a regular grown Christmas tree the main advantage of a container grown tree is the needle retention. The fact is that a container grown tree will retain its needles much longer. In addition it is also possible to plant the tree in your garden after Christmas.

The seedlings of container grown trees are planted directly into containers, which are thereupon placed into the ground. After a growth period of 4 to 6 years the Christmas trees have reached the correct height for sale, after which they are labelled according to the quality and height of the trees. The containers are dug up from the land and cleaned. Subsequently they are packed into plastic bags and the netting is put around the tree.

Brinkman Nordmann offers two kinds of container grown Christmas trees: the Flora Danica Nordmann Prime and the Picea Fraseri. The Flora Danica Nordmann Prime is characterised by its extra full shape and evenly distributed symmetrical branches. The Picea Fraseri has a greyish brown bark and long flattened, flexible needles, which have a dark green colour.

Table of sizes

60/80 cm red80/100 cm white
80/100 cm white100/125 cm yellow
100/125 cm yellow125/150 cm blue
125/150 cm blue150/175 cm oranje
150/175 cm orange

These sizes have been measured from the kerf (ground) to the last wreath (half top).